Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall Fiber Festival

I live in a small town and they always seem to be looking for something to attract people here for business, but when you don't have much to offer sometimes that isn't going to work.  They also have a hard to supporting the businesses they have so I thought, "Why not do something that will help the town, but won't require a great deal of overhead."  Thus was born the Fall Fiber Festival.  You see them all over the place these days.  They are fairs for those of us interested in fiber and fiber arts.  What could be better then the opportunity to pet fiber and learn some new techniques and information?  Nothing!  That is what I figured too so here we go with our very first Harvey Fall Fiber Festival.  It isn't going to be anything really fancy beings this is the first year and we need to work all the kinks out, but it will be a fun day for all those interested in fiber.  I figured I would post our schedule for all to see and if you are in the neighborhood feel free to drop in.

Aug. 14th from 10am to 6 pm
Combing (Lydia) 10AM to 11AM (Hands on.  I would bring your combs if you want to learn.)
Hand Carding (Shayne) 11AM to Noon (Hands on. I will bring some cards as well and others should bring theirs too if they have some to learn on.)
Drum Carding (Leslie & Lydia) 1 to 2PM (I will bring two drum carders to use and then people will get a chance to try them out.)
Blending Fiber on Hackle (Lydia) 2PM to 3PM DEMO

These next two will run at the same time so a person will have to pick which one they are interested in.

Spinning Art Yarn on Wheel (Leslie) 3PM to 5PM (Hands on.  You will need to bring your own wheel to spin along)
Spindling (Shelley or Shayne) 3PM to 5PM (Hands on and will require a spindle, I will have a few there if some don’t have them)
Games for all and Spinning together 5PM to 6PM

Hope to see quite a few and working on some new items for next years festival already.  This would not have been possible at all if it was not for those willing to demonstrate as well as those who helped in the background.  Thank you so much ladies.


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