Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spindle Class #2

Well we get to do the spindle class again this weekend.  The ladies who did not make it last weekend decided to come this weekend.  I told them I would make the time, but they needed to be there.  LOL  They are nurses coming from the hospital so I know the spinning would be good for them.  I know when I spin I feel a sense of peace and tranquility and their line of work does come with stresses as well.  All but one will be coming from in town so as long as it isn't freezing cold out they should make it.  They might have to tell us to keep it down in the room though beings once we get going I am sure there will be quite a bit of giggling and we will be at the library where quite is the key.  LOL  I hope to get at least 2 or 3 people interested in spinning so we can get together once a month and spin and spin for projects too.  I have been dreaming of starting a prayer shawl ministry and what is more fun then spinning the fiber and then knitting it up or crocheting it into a shawl or blanket for someone who needs it.

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