Monday, February 22, 2010

Beginning Wheel Class

We had our beginning wheel class this weekend.  It was a great time.  My faithful student showed up and we spent the day spinning and talking while they worked on the church.  We spent the first part of the class going over the parts of the wheel and playing with her tension so she could get a feel for what her wheel can do for her and not what she had to do for the wheel.  I had some different fibers for her to try out and some different techniques for drafting that helped her work with her fiber and get it to where she was happy with the finished single.  

We took a break at dinner and joined the others working there for lunch.  Times of fellowship are so blessed.  after we were finished with dinner it was back to the wheel.

With this class I was able to teach her how to ply and she did very well.  I knew she still only had one bobbin for her spinning wheel so I taught her how to Andean ply and it went very well.  I, on the other hand, keep forgetting that a hand is not meant to hold a whole ounce of fiber and watched as my finger bent lower and lower trying to accommodate all of the single.  I did it though.

Our next classes will deal with preparing raw fiber for spinning, combing, flicking and carding as well as working with exotic fibers and blending fibers.

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