Saturday, March 6, 2010

The fleece is in the mail.

Well it is official.  My fleeces are in the mail or already in my hands.  I have been putting a little money away here and there so I could get some fleeces at shearing time this year.  I would have liked to get more then I am, but for now this will do.  I have already a targhee fleece and a CVM fleece.  They are so soft even my father, who greatly dislikes wool after a bad experience as a child, said this stuff feels like soft cotton.  Then I have some alpaca, rambouilet and cormo on the way too.  I am still searching for some good merino I can afford, but I may have to wait till next year for that.  I would have never thought I would enjoy cleaning my own fleeces, but I do even though it is rather time consuming beings I still fear I am going to felt some of this gorgeous wool.  Going to make some batts for my shop to sell and maybe get some more money for fleeces before shearing is all over and maybe one special one for my dedicated spinning student.  Spinning, cleaning, carding and knitting are my form of relaxation.  LOL

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