Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fibery Goodness

Ok, so there might not be such a word as fibery goodness, but when you see a pile of fiber that look so soft you want to sleep on it, then what else could it be.  I have been washing up fiber for the Fiber prep class this weekend.  I will be taking some raw wool for them to wash as well as washed wool for them to card and comb.  It should be quite the experience.  I had hoped to have some dyed, but when it comes down to it the dyed stuff would work better for next class in two weeks.  This class will focus on getting the wool cleaned and then preparing it to card or comb and comb and or carding it.  I am hoping to have at least an hour at the end of the class to spin.  This weeks homework will consist of spinning up the fiber we didn't finish in our last class.  I just can't wait till Saturday.  :o)

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